Ø  Stream Table  Demonstrates stream bank erosion  (K-12)

Ø  Sand Tank Water Flow Model  Demonstrates water movement through soil and rock layers  (5-12)

Ø  EnviroScape Model  Demonstrates non point source pollution, geography, and behavioral sciences  (K-1)

Ø  HACH Test Kits  Phosphate, Ortho - Wide Range Indicator ph - Oxygen, dissolved - DR 100, Colorimeter, Nitrate  (8-12)

Ø  Macro Invertebrate Identification Kit   (4-12)

Ø  Schematics of Soil Treatment Systems and Functions of Septic Tanks  Teaches how a septic system works and how to maintain it  (8-12)  

Ø  Animal Track Molds  Kit contains front and hind foot replicas of raccoon, deer, mink, fox, and opossum  (K-5)

Ø  Biltmore Stick  Used to determine number of logs in a tree, diameter and board footage  (8-12)

Ø  Celebrating the Harvest A to Z  Program includes information on updated agricultural technology used to produce food - matched to Ohio Model Competencies for Science, Math, Language Arts and Social Studies.  Trunk includes Teacher Notebook and Student Activities Book, special illustrated books for children, posters, scale model farm machinery and special videos  (K-3)

Ø  Groundwater Flow Model (Electric)


Ø  Darby Plains Native Prairie  -  8 minutes

Ø  Soils & Landforms  -  41 minutes

Ø  Soil and Erosion Video   

Ø  Soils Training for Envirothon Students:  "Its the Pits"  -  47 minutes

Ø  Mosaic of the Land  -  11 minutes

Ø  "Your Septic System" A Guide for Homeowners  -  11 minutes

Ø  Septic Systems Revealed  -  23 minutes

Ø  Habitats for Learning - Ohio Takes a Look at School Land Labs  -  13 minutes

Ø  Backyard Conservation - One Yard at a Time  -  12 minutes

The official entry form for the poster contest is located on the NACD website:   The awards are as follows:  District… 1st Place - $50.00 savings bond, 2nd Place – conservation magazine year subscription, 3rd place – Plaque and Recognition.  State… 1st Place in each age division will receive $50.00 cash and a subscription to a conservation magazine, 2nd Place in each age division will receive $25.00 cash.  National… Prizes will be awarded by the NACD Auxiliary in each of the five grade divisions: first place—$100 and second place—$75.

If you’d like more information, please contact Linda Raterman, Information/Public Relations Specialist with the Miami SWCD, 335-7645 ext.102.

To encourage environmental education in Miami County, the Miami Soil and Water Conservation District is sponsoring the Teacher of the Year Award.  The winners will be recognized at the District's Annual Banquet in November.  The next steps of the competition are on State and National Levels.

Any teacher who is working in a public, parochial, or private school in Miami County may apply as long as he or she meets the following criteria:

Contact the Miami SWCD at 937/335-7645 for an application.

The Envirothon is a competitive, academic outdoor team event for high school students which tests their knowledge in five areas:

It is designed to stimulate and reinforce their interest in the environment and our natural resources.

The Envirothon encourages cooperative decision making, team building and problem solving.  Teams consist of three and five members from the same school who have worked together to prepare for the competition.

While each student contributes his or her personal best, the score that counts at the end id the team score.

Please contact our office at 937/335-7645 if you have a team you would like to enter.